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Modular platform for autonomous chassis of specialized electric vehicles for freight and equipment transportation

  • Title: Modular platform for autonomous chassis of specialized electric vehicles for freight and equipment transportation
  • Acronym: AnteTUL - Elektromobilita
  • Provider: MŠMT
  • Program: OP VVV
  • Coordinator: Technical university of Liberec
  • Duration: 1.9.2018 – 31.12.2022
  • Grant: 88 650 000 Kč

Project annotation:
There  is  no  doubt  that  autonomous  vehicles  will  change  the  world  of  logistics.  Autonomous  vehicles  will join  the  Internet  of  Things  and  robotics  as  being  the  three  most  important  innovative  trends  in  logistics after  2022.  Autonomous  vehicles  or  autonomous  logistics  have  sparked  a  great  deal  of  research, professional and business interest in recent years, particularly in applications designed to transport people and freight on roads or in closed areas. However, this means that there are significant challenges for the application  of  autonomous  technologies  for  automated  logistics,  transport  and  special  operations  on general  terrain,  on  construction  sites,  and  unpaved  areas,  etc.  Therefore,  the  aim  of  this  project  is  to develop  a  competitive  autonomous  utility  vehicle  for  these  challenging  conditions  and  move  the  Czech Republic to the forefront in this area with significant innovation potential. In order to ensure autonomous commercial vehicles have efficient, safe and robust movement in the field under unfavourable conditions, this multi-professional approach will address a wide range of scientific and research issues related to areas such  as  the  modular  architecture  of  the  chassis  using  light  structures,  drives  and  accumulators  for autonomous  electric  utility  vehicles,  or  research  into  autonomous  electric  utility  vehicle  control  systems using mixed reality or the Internet of Things to interact with other entities. These research domains have, by  definition,  become  individual  research  intentions,  which,  through  their  interconnection  and coordination during the project, will lead the research team to implementing a vehicle prototype for solving the challenges of 21st century logistics. The resulting modular autonomous electric utility vehicle will help support the irreversible transformation of logistics by contributing to an innovative solution based on the use  of  current  and  future  scientific  knowledge  to  increase  the  productivity  of  the  costs  of  transport,  to increase levels of safety and, last but not least, to lower environmental impacts.

General partners

Škoda AUTO
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FM Motol
UJV Group