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Department of Physical Measurements

The department specializes in the measurement of physical quantities for automation and optimization of industrial systems and experimental research of physical processes in technological operations.


The department focuses on the measurement of physical quantities for the purposes of automation and optimization of industrial systems and experimental research of physical processes in technological processes. Research activities also include the design and development of measurement methodologies and application measurement chains.

We concentrates technical resources for the rapid set-up of research and validation experiments in the expertise specified in the main objectives and activities, tools for the development of relevant experimental set-ups, electronic modules and computer algorithms. The results of research and development are applied both in the field of industrial and technological deployment and in the field of experimental validation of numerical models and simulations.


  • Prototypes and working samples of measurement chains.
  • Collaboration in the development of prototypes of machinery.
  • Measurement methodologies and software tool development.



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Department of physical measurements

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