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Equipment - Microscopy

Zeiss ULTRA Plus electron microscope
Ultra-high resolution scanning electron microscope equipped with Schottky cathode, imaging (SE2, InLens, ESB, AsB) and analytical detectors (EDS, WDS, EBSD) for comprehensive characterization of nanomaterials and structures.

Tescan Vega 3 electron microscope
A basic scanning electron microscope with tungsten cathode for routine, low-demand analysis.
Microscope with rasterizing probe JPK Nanowizard 3

A scanning probe microscope (SPM) enabling operation in AFM (atomic force microscopy) and MFM (magnetic force microscopy) modes, 3D characterization and local measurement of surface stiffness and adhesion of biological, metallic and non-metallic preparations in gaseous or liquid media.
ZEISS Axio Imager M2 optical microscope

Direct optical microscope with reflected light, BF (bright field), DF (dark field), C-DIC (circular differential interference contrast) modes, motorized stage.
ZEISS Axio Observer A1 optical microscope

Inverted optical microscope with transmitted light and fluorescent illumination for observing transparent specimens.
Stemi508 optical microscope

Stereoscopic microscope with digital image recording capability for photodocumentation and subsequent analysis of micro/macrostructures.
Stemi DV4 optical stereo microscope

Macroscope for routine visual observation of structures.
STRUERS Secotom-50 dissecting saw

Metallographic ripping saw for precise cutting of materials.
Grinding/polishing machine STRUERS Tegramin 25

Semi-automatic grinding and polishing machine for metallographic samples.

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