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Employee Satisfaction Survey - What CXI employees really think

23. 2. 2023

Positive responses and 90 respondents. That's what we received in our 2022 CXI Employee Satisfaction Survey. This is the 5th survey and half of CXI employees participated, which is the highest participation rate yet. We focused the survey on the following 3 core themes: ambition and motivation, working conditions and communication. You can read the full results HERE.

What do we know from the survey? The vast majority of the CXI team feels loyalty and perceives the turbulent events of the last 3 years (COVID-19 pandemic, war in Ukraine) positively.

Employees see the future outlook for CXI as:

1. international cooperation,
2. new topics for science and research.

CXI employees rate their personal perspective as very good and currently stability in their position is important for them.

In the survey it was reported that 97% of the respondents are satisfied with their work performance at CXI. "This rating "looks" positive, but given the current situation, we know that overall we are seeing a decline in performance at CXI and we need to write more projects and establish more collaboration with companies and increase the volume of orders," says Míra Černík, CXI's director.

Most employees feel motivated, but in the survey a small percentage of colleagues said they were demotivated by manager support and poor communication with each other. These are individual voices, but we care about open communication and a good atmosphere in the team, so CXI management will address the sub-issues in more depth.

In addition, once a month there will now be an "Open Door with the CXI Director" for all employees.

The biggest success of our survey? The return rate was 50%, which is proof that CXI employees believe this activity is worthwhile. "We really thank all our colleagues for their active participation in the survey. We designed this survey to gauge attitudes towards motivation, communication and working conditions. In addition, we have chosen mainly closed questions. We are grateful for every opinion. We listen to you and we want to support and increase your satisfaction," says Alena Kábová, HR Director at CXI.

The next satisfaction survey will take place in autumn 2023.

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