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Employee Benefits

The Technical University of Liberec offers a wide range of employee benefits. Specific employee benefits of TUL are:



TUL has a number of accommodation capacities, e.g. in a remote part of Liberec near Ještěd or close to the campus, or in TUL dormitories. Accommodation is usually provided to employees for a fixed period, or 1 year with the possibility of extension. The organization is provided by the Personnel and Payroll Department of TUL.




TUL employees are provided with subsidized meals through the canteen. The subsidised meals are limited according to the form of the employment relationship and the amount of time worked. There is a canteen and a cafeteria on the premises of TUL. For all forms of meals, the TUL employee card can be used for payment. CXI employees can také advantage of discounted price for lunch menu at the Wimbledon Restaurant.


Bonus vacation


CxI employees are entitled to 6 weeks leave or 2 weeks extra leave.


Discounted phone and data plans


Discounted phone and data plans for employees and family members can be arranged through T-Mobile.


Identification card, ITIC


The employee card and ITIC card can also be used for transport services. The ITIC card is also an international card that can be used to obtain discounts in various areas.


Health, sports and family activities


TUL employees can register with TUL general practitioners. Foreign employees entering TUL are usually accompanied by a member of the Foreign Department for the initial examination. TUL employees can take advantage of the offer of the Academic Sports Centre, free admission to the Liberec Swimming Pool on certain days and times and other benefits. Drinking regime of employees is ensured by means of filtration devices on TUL buildings.


Other education


TUL offers a wide range of courses focusing on IT skills, soft skills or vocational training. The offer also includes the Inner Language School, the University of the Third Age and the University of Leisure Time, where courses such as first aid for parents, photography for children, crisis management in education, health gymnastics, etc. TUL is a member of APUA, where it can participate in educational events at a discounted price.


Pension and life security


Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the TUL Employee Care Agreement, an employer's contribution to pension or life insurance may be granted.


Legal guidance


Employees who have an employment contract are provided with free legal advice. Professional consultation can be obtained from an external company that has long-standing cooperation with TUL. Employees can make individual appointments.




TUL offers a range of activities in the field of childcare. Day care for children of TUL employees or students is provided by the kindergarten. Short-term childcare, especially for toddlers, can be arranged at the TUL Children's Corner. Specialist courses for older children are provided by the Children's University or organized camps.


Banking services


For TUL employees, ČSOB provides a free bank account. It is also possible to take advantage of a discounted loan or credit from ČSOB.


Care for international employees


Within the EURAXESS network, TUL provides assistance for researchers and their families in the areas of visa processing, accommodation, medical care, advice on legislation, social and cultural events, etc. Here find a brochure for the life of a foreigner in the Liberec Region.


Google account


A CxI employee automatically has a Google employee account for calendar management, online meetings, document sharing and more.


IT support


Multi-license or discounted purchasing terms at TUL allow employees to access certain programs that lead to employee development.


University library


Here you can choose to borrow from a wide range of books, e-books, magazines, board games and more. The university library also assists in scholarly work, research and publishing.


Discount on travel tours


TUL Employees have access to discounts on tours of CK Alexandria.


Other benefits


Possibility to purchase TUL promotional gift items, benefits with external partners (DATART, CANIS SAFETY a.s.).



General partners

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