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As part of the European Union's Erasmus+ training program, CXI employees can take part in internships, workshops, training, shadowing or a vocational/language course.

The minimum duration of the placement is 2 days, the maximum according to Erasmus+ rules is 60 days, but TUL rules limit funding to 14 days including a maximum of 2 days for travel. There is also a new possibility to use a combined form of mobility, or a combination of physical and virtual mobility. No financial contribution can be claimed for virtual mobility.

Each year, during December or January, staff members are contacted by e-mail about the announcement of the current call for the program and to submit documents. You can also contact the Erasmus+ coordinator during the year for opportunities and further information.

Applicants will submit their Erasmus+ application to the CXI Coordinator:

  • application form,
  • a motivation letter, which must include a justification of the link to the Erasmus+ program and the benefits of mobility for TUL.

It is also possible to fund the visit of a foreign expert within the Erasmus+ program.

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