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Women in Science

The Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovations aims to create and maintain working conditions that enable and motivate the career/professional development of female employees, especially those working in science and research. An important step is to ensure gender balance in all the Institute's activities and to promote gender balance in the project and contract teams as well as in management positions.

Gender imbalance in science and research is a problem for the entire Czech Republic, or the Czech Republic is one of the European countries with the lowest percentage of women in science and research. The share of women in science and research at CXI is around 40%. Women at CxI are most represented in the research direction Nanomaterials in Natural Sciences.

In the future, we would like to improve the gender ratio in CXI management positions, or in particular the representation of women in the position of Head of Research. There is a balanced ratio of men and women in management positions at directorate level.

In order to validate R&D&I results, it is essential to include a gender dimension in research (attention to physical differences between men and women, different experiences, perspectives, needs) in addition to gender balance of teams. Taking the gender dimension into account can lead to an expansion of the market potential of R&D&I results, it can be a competitive advantage in the market.

The Human Resources Development Department in cooperation with the Personnel and Payroll Department of TUL have developed a Gender Equality Plan. The plan was developed as part of TUL's participation in the project "In 1 boat - promoting equal opportunities in companies". The aim is to implement and monitor measures leading to gender balance at TUL.

Current events for women in science can be found here.

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