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Mechanismy řízení CxI TUL s důrazem na zvýšení kvality výsledků R&D&I činností

  • Name: CxI TUL Management Mechanisms with an emphasis on improving the quality of R & A & I activities
  • Acronyme: HRA1
  • Grantor: MŠMT
  • Programe: Operation programe Research, development and education
  • Coordinator: Technical University of Liberec
  • Duration: February 1, 2018 – December 31, 2022
  • Grant: 24, 3 mil. CZK
  • Grant for TUL: 24, 3 mil. CZK

Project annotation:

The implementation of the project will innovate the management mechanisms of CxI TUL. The project wants to take into account the new environment modified by amendments to a number of laws and 5 years of experience with the operation of the infrastructure. At the same time, it responds to new requirements placed on research institutes and will focus, for example, on obtaining the "HR Award" or on the creation and application of a new method for evaluating the quality of people, workplaces and processes. In particular, the project aims to increase the volume and quality of the results of R&D&I activities at CxI TUL and the speed of their application in practice.

General partners

Škoda AUTO
Česká Zbrojovka
FM Motol
UJV Group