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Department of Process Modelling and Artificial Intelligence

We focus mainly on the implementation and analysis of models of natural processes and the development of software for specialized purposes

Research and Services

The department focuses on data management and computing in order to ensure support in the fields of storage, processing, evaluation and advanced analyses and manage of large volumes of data. Promotion and collaboration in solution of individual tasks falls under daily tasks of our department.

We offer:

Data management and computing, which is expected to ensure support in the field of storage, processing, evaluation, advanced analyzing and presenting large volumes of data.

Advanced methods of presentation of research results, support in the field of design, modeling and simulation, with the emphasis on increasing the attractiveness of presentation of research results and tendering by the use of virtual, mixed and augmented reality or devices of large-screen projection, the use of GIS systems

Promotion of collaboration and individual solutions, thus ensuring the promotion of cooperation and sharing of research results within the research teams internally but also towards research partners externally, document management, efficient task and time management on projects and thus increase in efficiency and quality of managerial work, research and support of staff and the research projects themselves.

Jan Kočí

Department head

Jan Kočí

Digitization, management, enterprise and software architecture, integration​

E jan.koci@tul.cz


Process Modeling and Artificial Intelligence

Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technology and Innovation

Technical Univesity of Liberec

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Czech Republic

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