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Employee Development

Increasing or deepening qualifications is the basis for success and competitiveness. CxI considers this area one of its top priorities. Staff development should be a lifelong process that contributes not only to the success of CxI, but especially to the satisfaction and motivation of the worker himself.

Staff development opportunities at CXI or TUL are very broad - we support: 

  • Participation in trainings, seminars, workshops, webinars and lectures focused on professional or softskill activities, which are implemented at TUL, other institutions in the Czech Republic or abroad.
  • Participation in conferences or trade fairs held at TUL, in the Czech Republic or abroad.
  • Short, medium or long-term internships/mobility in research or industrial institutions or hiring an expert from abroad. The standard support for the implementation of internships is the Erasmus+ program.
  • Deepening knowledge of a foreign language or acquiring a completely new foreign language.
  • Language courses are regularly available at TUL through the Internal Language School.

The following services are also an important support for CXI staff:

  • assistance with contract preparation and business negotiations - contact the Department of Industry
  • assistance with intellectual property protection - contact the Department of Industry
  • assistance with project preparation - contact the Department of Grant Support
  • the possibility of translating entire documents (DOC, PDF) - please get in touch with P. Halířová, who will arrange the translation for you using DeepL
  • the possibility of language proofreading by a native speaker - contact our colleagues from the Grant Support Department, who will provide you with more information
  • preparation of publications
  • planning and implementation of building modifications - consult the Department of Industry

Academic rank advancement is fully supported for R&D staff in cooperation with other parts of TUL or other universities.

General partners

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