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Project Department of environmental chemistry

  • ADVAnced technologies for sustainable bioremediation of persistent POLutants detail
  • Advanced wastewater treatment for abatement of pathogens, active genetic material, and pollutants. detail
  • Tree Gum Polymers and their Modified Bioplastics for Food Packaging Application detail
  • Characterization of reactive oxygen species and their complex reactions in persulfate-based systems detail
  • Innovative photocatalytic screeds and concrete admixtures. detail
  • Conversion of Mercury to Solidified Mercury Sulphide detail
  • LAB-NEC: Laser-Based design of Nanoalloys for Enantioselective Catalysis detail
  • Laser radiation as a tool for controlling the generation of Metal-Support Interaction sites in nanocatalysts detail
  • Management of urban water resources in Central Europe facing climate change detail
  • Modernization and upgrade of larfe research infrastructure "Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for protection of the environment and sustainable future". detail
  • Monitoring and removal of micropollutants in systems that increase the landscape retention capacity detail
  • Monitoring of irrigation water quality for agricultural purposes detail
  • Nanobiocomposites made from natural bioactive substances and their use for the replacement of petroleum products detail
  • Nano Zero-Valent Iron and Cyclodextrins – Their Synergistic Action for Water Purification detail
  • Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies for Environment Protection and Sustainable Future detail
  • Low-cost water treatment systems detail
  • Novel Ways to Monitor and Eliminate Chlorinated & Fluorinated persistent chemicals in environmental sources and study of their health and environmental risks detail
  • Sulfate radical-based processes for removal of antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant bacteria from water detail
  • Optimalizace souboru opatření pro zemědělská povodí v rámci procesu pozemkových úprav detail
  • Porézní biologické 2D membrány a 3D struktury vystavěné z polysacharidů funkcionalizovaných rostlinných gum a jejich environmentální aplikace detail

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