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Department of Machines Design

The department carries out experimental research activities focused mainly on human safety and comfort in transport vehicles. The work is focused on testing new concepts and designs of interior and exterior parts of mobile means of transport increasing the safety of pedestrians and crew in collisions and crashes.


Research focuses towards mechatronic systems with active control characterized by fast response to changes in input signal, prediction and correction of kinematic state. Controlled and uncontrolled damping and springing elements as a force source for active vibration isolation systems are also an integral part of the research. Research on passive and active systems will focus on new types and configurations of air spring shapes and on reducing the energy delivered in the form of pressurized air.


  • Development and research of new principles and materials for active and passive vibration isolation systems.
  • Load testing of machine components at temperatures from -40 to +120°C.
  • Testing of machine components at high speeds above 12m/s.
  • New materials and designs for car seats.
  • New mechanisms and nodes and elements of nanofibre machines, fatigue tests.


The staff of the department is also involved in the design of concepts and the implementation of prototypes of special mechatronic devices, especially with ejection mechanism and impactor for the measurement of human biomechanical parameters.



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Department of Machines Design

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