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Department of Vehicles

The department conducts research and development of ecological propulsion units with optimized transmission and energy conversion for transport, mobile machinery and energy equipment


The Department of Vehicles focuses on all activities related to the development and testing of propulsion systems and engines, the economic and emission characteristics of spark-ignition and diesel internal combustion engines for liquid, gaseous (conventional and alternative) fuels and their mixtures (petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG, hydrogen, methyl esters of oils, methanol, ethanol) intended for power units in transport, in working machines and in energy equipment.

Other activities include power transmission chains in conventional and hybrid configurations of the internal combustion engine, electric motor, fuel cell, battery, electrolyser and vehicle wheels or work machine drive.

New hybrid propulsion systems for mobile and stationary vehicles meeting future EU 6 emission and greenhouse gas limits, with emphasis on the use of new types of renewable fuels.

Development and testing of drive systems and engines.

Economic and emission performance of spark-ignition and diesel internal combustion engines using liquid, gaseous (conventional and alternative) fuels and their blends (petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG, hydrogen, methyl esters of oils, methanol, ethanol).



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Department of vehicles

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