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Measurements and Analysis

Biology analysis

Laboratory of Biotechnologies
Laboratory of Microbiology and Molecular Biology


  • Laboratory of Biotechnology

    The laboratory focuses on the development of various nanomaterials and their subsequent validation in (bio)technologies for environmental applications..

    • Sample testing.
    • Protocols for biodegradation tests, bioavailability tests.
    • Image analysis of immobilized microorganisms.
    Ing. Tomáš Lederer, Ph.D.

    Head of the laboratory

    Ing. Tomáš Lederer, Ph.D.

    T +420 48535 3260; mobile:+420 730160329

    E tomas.lederer@tul.cz

    Preparation and management of projects in the area of water technology, remediation and biodegradability

  • Laboratory of Microbiology and Molecular Biology

    The laboratory is focused on the development of new methods for the remediation of contaminated groundwater, surface water, wastewater and industrial water based on chemical action on selected contaminants.y.

    • Study of microorganisms in contaminated waters, soils and geological structures.
    • Analysis of the composition and activity of microbial populations down to the species level, including the expression of important enzymes.
    • Use of information on the role of micro-organisms in various processes, for example bioremediation or their effect on packaging materials in a deep-sea radioactive waste repository.
    • Studying the toxicity of nanomaterials using new methods and model microorganisms, including the effect of ageing and the behaviour of nanoparticles in environmentally relevant environments.
    • Testing the antimicrobial properties of photocatalytic nanomateria.
    RNDr. Alena Ševců, Ph.D.

    Head of the laboratory

    RNDr. Alena Ševců, Ph.D.

    T +420 48535 3805

    E alena.sevcu@tul.cz

    environmental microbiology, nanotoxicology


Chemical analysis

Physico-chemical laboratory of nanomaterials
Accredited laboratory


  • Physico-chemical laboratory of nanomaterials

    The department focuses on spectral chemical analysis including measurement and interpretation of NMR spectra, thermal stability of materials, development of methodologies for determination of substances and characterization of both chemical and physical properties of nanomaterials.

    • Service chemical analysis using spectroscopic techniques, especially IC, UV and XRF, and other methods of characterization of nanomaterials (especially thickness and composition of thin films and specific surface of porous materials).
    • Custom synthesis and testing of new materials.
    • Identification of the composition of polymer composites and identification of plastics.
      Identification of defects occurring in products or semi-finished products at the exit (entry) from (into) production.
    • Cleanliness and quality control. Identification of fabric fibres.
    • Identification of inorganic fillers in polymers.
    • Elemental analysis of minerals, glasses, metals and alloys.
    • Measurement of surface tension of engine oils.
  • Accredited testing laboratory

    Analytical laboratory accredited by CIA according to EN/ISO/IEC 17025 under number 1611.

    Chemical and microbiological testing of waters, soils, rocks, sludges, sediments and wastes, leachates, plant materials, chemicals, metals, silicate materials and air. Testing of products for contact with water and direct contact with food. Characterisation of nanomaterials.

Physical analysis

Hydrodynamical laboratory
Laboratory of nanolayer evaluation
Laboratory of analytical methods - microscopy
Laboratory of fluid mechanics


  • Hydrodynamical laboratory

    The research is focused on mechatronic systems with active control characterized by fast response to changes in the input signal, prediction and correction of the kinematic state.

    • Active and passive vibration isolation systems, noise and vibration measurement.
    • Stress tests of mechanical parts and machine nodes.
    • Development and testing of seats.
    • Design, measurement and verification of modifications to vehicle exterior and interior components and assemblies for pedestrian and crew protection in collisions and vehicle crashes.
  • Laboratory of nanolayer evaluation

    The laboratory is professionally oriented towards research projects focused on the modification of surfaces of metallic and non-metallic materials using thin films created by plasma methods.

    • Evaluation of physical, mechanical and tribological properties of thin layers.
    • Plasma activation of polymer surfaces.
  • Laboratory of Analytical Methods - Microscopy

    The Laboratory of Analytical Methods focuses on microscopic analysis of micro- and nanomaterials, composites, thin films, intermetallics, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, polymeric materials, geopolymers, natural materials, etc.

    • Analysis of input and output materials of advanced technologies, especially materials with thin films, nanoparticles or nanofibers.
    • Comprehensive analyses of all types of materials including microanalysis to determine the composition of these materials.
    • Materials research focused on the development of linear and three-dimensional nanofibrous formations, the study of new materials containing nanoparticles, composite materials and others.
    • Expert support in solving manufacturing and technological problems in the industrial sphere.
  • Laboratory of fluid mechanics

    The professional focus of the laboratory is the measurement of physical quantities for the purposes of automation and optimization of industrial systems and experimental research of physical processes in technological processes.

    • Research, development and use of means and methods for non-contact detection and measurement.
    • Measurement of physical quantities in industrial technological processes.
      Experimental research in fluid mechanics with emphasis on non-stationary and multiphase flow.
    • Image information processing in industry.
    • Automation of technological processes, automatic measurement.

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