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Department of Advanced Materials

The department combines the activities of development and analysis of materials, especially nanomaterials, using plasma and surface analysis technologies. We are able to analyse the tribological and mechanical properties of thin films, coatings and substrates.

Research and Services

The department is professionally oriented towards research projects focused on the modification of surfaces of metallic and non-metallic materials using thin films created by plasma methods. The main objective of plasma modifications is to improve the performance of the modified components. We also deal with:

  • Development of technology, creation of new types of layers and coatings suitable for specific applications.
  • Developing a methodology for measuring the properties of thin films and coatings.
  • Optimized unconventional structures of materials with a high degree of functionality, study of these materials and search for new areas of application.
  • Application of analysis results in materials research.
  • Analysis of input and output materials of advanced technologies, in particular materials with thin films, nanoparticles or nanofibres.
  • Comprehensive analyses of all types of materials, including microanalysis to determine the composition of these materials.
  • Materials research focused on the development of linear and three-dimensional nanofibrous formations, the study of new materials containing nanoparticles, composite materials and others.
  • Expert support in solving manufacturing and technological problems in the industrial sphere.



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Department of advanced materials

Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technology and Innovation

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