St. Nicholas Day: traditional gift giving at CXI

5. 12. 2023

Today, December 5, we celebrate the traditional "St. Nicholas Day" in the Czech Republic. This old tradition brings anticipation and joy to children and adults alike. And that was no different today at CXI.

During the morning, St. Nicholas came to visit the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation with his faithful helpers: the devil and the angel. Unfortunately, they did not bring to us the presents, sweets and little surprises that they bring to those who behave well and work hard all year round. St. Nicholas brought coal to us. Well, even that's a reward.

The devil checked with us that CXI was also singing to work and jingled his chains with pleasure.
St. Nicholas Day is one of the most popular traditions in Czech culture. Thanks to Nicholas, the devil and the cherub aka Michal, Martin and Pavlina from the Department of Nanochemistry for this magical moment before Christmas.

If you join in the celebration today and are visited by St. Nicholas, the devil and the angel, enjoy it or just give someone a St. Nicholas gift.

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