How was 2023 at CXI and what's new for 2024

20. 12. 2023

Staff meeting brings review of last year and changes for 2024

At a recent staff meeting of the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovations (CXI TUL), held on 19 December, we looked back at the events of 2023. In his speech, CXI Director Mirek Černík focused on the key moments of the past 12 months and thanked the staff for their work commitment.

"The year 2023 passed quite quickly and brought a number of significant events. I see it as a positive that we managed to submit 131 new projects, which is more than last year. The number of publications and citations also increased. We have been able to work on the growing professional reputation of our Institute," said Černík. The Institute is financially secure for next year, and better than last year.

Some CXI projects are still in the evaluation process, which presents hope for further successes and is a reason for optimism. "Despite the pervasive entropy, I see unflagging enthusiasm and desire in all of you to work on CXI. We will continue to create supportive conditions so that we all feel comfortable at work and have opportunities to develop our personal and scientific potential. I thank all employees without distinction for their good work and positive attitude," said Director Černík.

Changes for 2024

Personnel changes will affect the heads of 3 departments. Stanislaw Waclawek is the new head of the Environmental Chemistry Department, Mateuzs Fijalkowski will be the new head of the Advanced Materials Department, and he replaces Mateuzs Fijalkowski as head of the Mechatronic Systems and Robotics Department.

Another significant change is the newly created 3D Technology Department. It will be led by Jiří Šafka and his team from the original 3D printing laboratory and will continue its expert activities: 3D printing using the most appropriate technology with regard to the material being processed and the properties of the products. They also focus on data preparation, optimization of the geometry of products or their individual elements (topological optimization), post-processing operations and the development of new sustainable materials for additive technologies. The original Advanced Technologies Department under the leadership of Jiří Bobek continues and will focus on new developments.

One of our key projects starting in 2024 will be TransTech4SME. This will allow us to strengthen our instrumentation and purchase a new FIB-SEM dual-beam microscope. This specialised microscope will enable so-called FIB, i.e. plasma focused beam (engraving, trimming, material deposition).

The new year will also bring changes in the area of employee benefits. From 1 January 2024, the so-called Consolidation Package will apply. In view of this financial ceiling from the government, many benefits will be reduced. The University management will decide on the new conditions in January. We will keep you informed.

CXI aims to be a leading research centre for innovation not only nationally but also internationally. "We are achieving this vision thanks to you, our people, and your creativity, collaboration and approach based on mutual support and respect," added Černík.

The staff meeting was followed by an informal programme for the entire CXI team. We strengthened our collective belonging and team spirit. We thank everyone for the pleasant atmosphere we can create.

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