Competition: Let's improve the environment at CXI

2. 2. 2024

Enthusiasm and creativity are at home at CXI. We exemplify this in everything we do. As we finally come to the end of the period when we write project reports for 2023, we now finally have the opportunity to think about something different, for example: how to improve our approach to the environment. That's why we are launching a COMPETITION for the best idea to improve access to the environment at CXI.

The competition will run from 1 February to 30 March 2024. If you have a fantastic idea in your head that can make a real difference, now is the time to share it with everyone!

The terms and conditions of the competition are simple:
We are looking for practical and feasible ideas. We intend not only to discuss how we can improve our sustainability, but also to actually move to action. Your suggestions should be feasible within our business and make a positive impact on our environmental position.

How to participate and therefore contribute? Just send us your idea or project proposal by 30 March 2024. You can participate as an individual or a team. Afterwards, all submissions will be evaluated and we will announce the three best ideas, which will be rewarded with prizes!

We look forward to hearing your innovative thoughts and creative ideas. Let's be surprised how we can move our company towards a more sustainable future together. So get to work and let's work together to create a better and greener environment for everyone at CXI!

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