Growing together: the Employee Assessment is underway at CXI

26. 4. 2024

At CXI TUL, we are currently going through an employee evaluation process that has a new dimension - an employee development plan. You may have already been informed of this new feature by your managers or you may be looking forward to a face-to-face meeting to reflect together on your achievements to date, your skills and other areas you would like to develop. The purpose of this evaluation is not just a formal obligation, but more importantly to support your professional growth and to fully integrate you into CXI's activities.



"Based on my experience with employee evaluation, I can say that it is a very effective tool. I positively evaluate the time set aside for an undisturbed personal conversation between two people. We conduct it in a positive spirit and have the opportunity to tell each other what is not available in group meetings: a thorough evaluation of the work of individual team members and the setting of their personal goals. All this allows me to better understand the needs of our team and to better focus on further personal and professional growth," says Jindřich Cýrus, Head of the SW Architecture and Development Department.

He has 10 people in his team and the current evaluation is the second one they have completed together. "The evaluation definitely inspires us. I didn't notice any big surprises, I know my people pretty well for that. I positively appreciate the honesty and openness, and on the contrary, I did not expect some apprehension and caution from some. Thanks to the personal interviews, we have been able to dissolve the fears," adds Jindřich Cýrus.



Alena Ševců also has similar experience as a leader. "It is certainly positive to set aside time for each colleague and systematically discuss issues that are not given enough space in the normal operation. In addition, the evaluation allows me to pause and reflect on my work so far and at the same time plan what I want to achieve and where I want to go. As a staff, we are under a lot of pressure, so I don't primarily focus on performance evaluations such as numbers of projects submitted/managed or articles, but rather evaluate the overall contribution of each member to our team.

Employee evaluations promote transparency and open communication in the work environment. It also provides feedback and an opportunity for employees to understand the impact of their work on the department or the Institute as a whole. Overall, it helps to improve the performance and people management of the organization.

"Through appraisals, I get suggestions and rightly so. I think we address development and new opportunities throughout the year," explains Alena Ševců.

CXI TUL's employee evaluations are designed to provide employees with a clear picture of their performance and contribution to the organization. This will identify strengths, areas needing improvement and development opportunities. This will enable employees to better understand their roles and contribute to the overall success of CXI TUL.

"We believe that this process will have a real impact on your work environment and will not be limited to mere formality. We want every employee to have a voice, to communicate their needs and aspirations and to take an active role in shaping their own career destiny. Your feedback is very valuable to us, and that is why we believe that by working together we can make the work at CXI TUL inspiring, fulfilling and promising for everyone," adds Director Miroslav Černík.

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