ICWCCC 2022: Wetlands, Carbon and Climate Change Conference, Lisbon (February 2022)

ICWREE 2022: Wetland Restoration and Ecological Engineering Conference, Amsterdam (February 2022)

ICEWW 2022: Environment, Water and Wetlands Conference, Montreal (May 2022)

International Conference on Treatment Wetlands and Water Resources Management ICTWWRM, Vienna (June 2022)

International Conference on Water Resources and Wetlands (ICWRW), San Francisco (September 2022)

International Conference on Wastewater Bioremediation and Constructed Wetlands (ICWBCW), Athens (October 2022)

International Conference on Water Resources and Wetlands ICWRW, Dubai (November 2022)

International Conference on Wetlands, Carbon and Climate Change (ICWCCC), Buenos Aires (February 2023)


EIP Water Conference


IWA Resource Recovery Conference

IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies (postponed - spring 2022)

IWA Wetland specialist meeting, Bangkok (November 2020 postponed  - 2022)



EU European Regional Development Fund: EU LINDANET, European Network of Lindane waste affected regions working together towards a greener environment: Progress of works (

EU LIFE Project: LIFE SURFING, SURFactant enhanced chemical oxidation for remediatING DNAPL progress and developments (from Lindane production and HCH-waste)

EU LIFE Project: NARMENA, NAture-based Remediation of MEtal pollutants in Nature Areas (

EU DG Environment "Pilot Project to evaluate and address the presence of lindane and HCH in the EU" 2020-2022 (ENV.D.1/ETU/2019/0023)

GEF-UN Environment: Status Demonstration of Non-thermal Treatment of DDT Wastes in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan) and other projects (

GEF-UNIDO: Removal of Technical and Economic Barriers to Initiating the Clean-up Activities for Alpha-HCH, Beta-HCH and Lindane Contaminated Sites at OHIS, in Macedonia (

GEF-UNIDO: Regional Demonstration Project for Coordinated Management of ODS and POPs Disposal in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia (

GEF-UNDP: Clean-up of Nubarashen Persistent Organic Pollutant (POP) and Obsolete Pesticides (OP) burial site and disposal of the waste in Armenia (

GEF-UNDP: Turkey GEF POPs Legacy Elimination and POPs (HCH) Release Reduction Project, Koaceli case (

GEF-FAO: Lifecycle Management of Pesticides and Disposal of POPs Pesticides in CA countries and Turkey (


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