General stakeholders

HCH-waste/Lindane former production sites and related POPs pesticides Mega-sites - the 2 sites are also representative of the EU Member States with legacies of numerous HCH-waste landfill sites and Lindane production sites together with other POPs pesticides stockpile sites. These sites are predominantly Mega-sites that have not been at all or only marginally addressed by most of the EU Member States. Therefore, the project will also take the necessary steps to obtain an overview of HCHwaste/Lindane former production sites and related POPs pesticide Mega-sites, to contact the site owners and offer them the opportunity to be regularly informed about the project and the periodical results and to attend the final forum, where all of the results will be presented and the possibilities for transfer of the technology to their sites, so this first step for risk reduction can be easily implemented at many of these Mega-sites.

Residential and industrial zones - modern housing estates and industrial areas, where care is taken of green areas, represent places with a high probability of pesticide contamination. In this case, project will focus on municipalities of a size corresponding to a district town or municipality with extended competence. In order to establish direct contacts, the activities described in the dissemination activity will be performed.

State authorities - which manage and deal with environmental issues (Ministry of the Environment), will be addressed in context of awareness raising and consultation; this will involve many people. Authorities will be consulted through personal meetings and electronic communication.

Regional and local authorities foreign and of all localities connected to the site (Government of Aragon, Spain, Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji, Poland) - relevant people will receive information on the existence and location of contaminated water, the associated risks and the course of their solution. During the implementation of project, local authorities will be involved in communication and information campaigns.


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