Local institutions

Regional Office of the Karlovy Vary Region and Liberec Region (CZ) - water authorities of regional offices, in general, regulate the implementation of water actions. In the case of Hajek, they will be involved in the implementation of pilot activities. Their input will be about similar sites with issues urgently needing to be addressed, which will help project dissemination.

Municipalities (Ostrov, CZ; Jaworzno, PL) - Building Authorities of Municipality are key for getting of Building Permits for pilot installation. They are already in a regular contact with responsible site organizations (DIAMO, GIG) and they will be involved in remedial action and perimitting for sites.

Karlovy Vary regional office of the Ministry of Environment and Environmental Inspectorate (CZ) - a specialized executive bodies within state administration with a mandate in particular to supervise enforcement of environmental legislation - Water Act. They will be informed in site remediation and vicinity monitoring and involved in clarifying of improved state of environment.

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CZ) - national institution monitoring use of pesticides in the Czech Republic. Collaboration with Czech Hydrometeorological Institute enables us to obtain information on pesticide-affected sites in the Czech Republic. They will be invited to participate in site visits and will be involved in project dissemination.

Municipality of Jaworzno (PL) - water authority and owner of land affected by contamination. Their input will be active participation in the permitting process. They will be invited to all stakeholder meetings and involved in the implementation of pilot activities.

Organika Azot (PL) - chemical plant, producer of pesticides, land owner of one of the most contaminated sites in Poland, landfill operator with leachate and pesticide contamination. It will be invited as a potential client of project results and will contribute to knowledge of contamination.

Organizations and segments considered as target audience for dissemination activity - major activity in this part is organization of Wetpol 2021 and 2023, where Aarhus university is invoilved. A special information campaign about project will be prepared for this forum, where potential stakeholders and customers will be informed and invited.


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