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Geographic focus - sites

The areas of intervention of LIFEPOPWAT are Hajek (CZ) and Jaworzno (PL).




Basic parameters    
State Czech Republic Poland
GPS N50°17.50597´                           E12°53.56168´                     N50°11.21955´                                                           E19°14.59618´
Elevation 452 m above see level 244 m above see level
River basin and Sea Elbe, North Sea Visla, Baltic Sea
Average annual                precipitation                            750 mm 700 mm
Site origin Mine heap HCH waste dump Sand pit HCH waste dump
HCH waste mass estimation 5,000 tons 100,000 tons
Source of waste Former Spolana Neratovice Former Organika-Azot Jaworzno
Current drainwater ∑HCH    110 μg/l 3 μg/l in trench R2, 269 μg/l in trench R3
2018 HCH flow 9.5 kg 27 kg
Current streamwater flow                                         100,000 m3/year 10,000 m3/year
Other pollutants present    Chlorobenzenes, chlorophenoles

Chlorobenzenes, chlorophenoles, DDT

and metabolites, methoxychlor, VOCs, PAH

LIFEPOPWAT parameters                    
Prototype installed

P1 Large-scale pilot Wetland+

with conventional energy

supply for monitoring unit

P2 Small-scale pilot Wetland+ with

partially renewable energy supply for

monitoring unit

Other installations Information board Information board


HCH contamination constitutes a much smaller threat in Hajek than in Jaworzno. This is mainly because of the total sum of toxic HCH waste buried in both dumps. It is also obvious from the first impression one gets when visiting the sites – Jaworzno has more brownfield features than Hajek due to the proximity of original chemical plant. In case of Hajek, former chemical production unit is over 100 km distant and the waste is buried much deeper than in Jaworzno. Unpleasant phenolic odour is present at both sites. It is spreading on many places and with higher intensity in Jaworzno, where also other organochlorinated pesticides (DDT, dieldrin, methoxychlor, etc.) are dumped. Quite on the contrary, the remediation progresses are further at Hajek site than in Jaworzno.                               




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