Specific LIFEPOPWAT objectives are:

  1. A large scale pilot Wetland+ prototype will be established at Hajek (CZ), “P1” based on already completed R&D and scale up to large pilot. P1 will exhibit system performance at a commercially relevant scale and provide an exemplar to support replication. Key performance attributes, cost drivers and wider sustainability outcomes will be monitored. Process refinement to support scale up will be developed.
  2. A field pilot deployment prototype will be carried out at Jaworzno (PL), “P2”. P2 will exhibit the site specific replication pathway for this technology to other sites, taking into account site differences such as contamination context, hydrogeological conditions, microbial communities, and local resources such as sorbent materials, across the different stages of Wetland+ (abiotic redox, sorbent systems, biodegradation and wetland).
  3. A specific project replication process will be established and a progression of candidate sites will be actively canvassed, with the intention of taking several through to feasibility study stage. This will be supported by targeted outreach and communication to extend the audience and potential for replication; and also a business model to service replication needs.
  4. Innovations in performance monitoring to improve replication and reduce management costs will be investigated. Several routes to green monitoring and analysis will be explored, e.g. via HCH monitoring in tree biomass.
  5. We will take advantage of the P1 and P2 deployments to further optimise the Wetland+ process, by developing enhanced understanding of key process stages, investigating the use of renewable energy and resources in deployments, developing process control strategies for remote locations and optimisations for downsizing and potentially extending the range of treatable contaminants.
  6. Targeted communication and dissemination will ensure that the outcomes of this project are channelled to different audiences and interest groups on a global basis, but particularly within Europe.


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