We support women at CXI. They are unique and excel in their research.

8. 2. 2024

Women researchers make up a significant proportion of science and research at CXI TUL and many of them excel in their fields. They are part of the scientific community and are involved in international collaborations. Miroslav Černík, Director of CXI TUL, presented them with flowers today for their outstanding results in their professional work.

"Our female researchers have very good, some even excellent results in their fields. In addition to their research work, some of them are also supervisors in their fields and lecturers at the faculties of our university. We are proud of their professional achievements and also appreciate how they are able to combine professional and family life," says Miroslav Černík, Director of CXI TUL.

In total, 39 women work in research positions at CXI. Of these, 8 are women scientists from abroad and have brought to TUL their knowledge and experience from other parts of Europe and Asia. They come from Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Vietnam, Tunisia and Indonesia. Their presence strengthens international cooperation, enhances the language skills of the whole team and enriches the academic environment.

The CXI team includes scientists in the following scientific and technical fields: water technology, nanomaterials (or applications of nanomaterials), molecular genetics and microbiology, bioengineering, analytical chemistry, materials engineering).

"At CXI, we systematically strive to support the career development of women not only in science and research. We ensure equality of opportunity, career progression and offer motivation for talent development regardless of gender. Thanks to these initiatives, we are witnessing the success of our women scientists in various fields of science and research," adds Cernik.

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