Highly-effective Aquatic Pollutants Removal Technologies based on Nanofilters, Advanced Oxidation Processes and New Sorbents

Období realizace projektu:01.01. 2021 – 31.12. 2023

Řešitel projektu za TUL:doc. Fatma Yalcinkaya, Ph.D. M.Sc.

The spreading of micro-pollutants in aqueous systems is a global issue of increasing concern. Their presence in the environment is, though not yet entirely understood, a problem that affects the entire world. The main goal of this project is to tackle the problem of contaminants of emerging concerns (CeCs) and water pollution in general by developing nanofibrous filters including advanced oxidation processes and absorbents to remediate various water systems, such as sea, river and wastewater. The filters shall be used to filter chemical contaminants such as herbicides, antibiotics or pharmaceutical residues based on their molecular size as well as to inactivate microbial contaminants like antibiotic-resistant bacteria through the addition of antimicrobial nanoparticles, including silver, gold or zinc. Developing a highly functional hybrid filter system capable of filtering CECs and rendering them harmless is an important step towards a cleaner aqueous environment.

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