Characterization of morphology, structure and photocatalytical properties of electrospun 1D In2O3 nanostructures

Období realizace projektu:01.09. 2021 – 30.06. 2022

Řešitel projektu za TUL:Ing. Mateusz Fijalkowski, Ph.D.

The main scientific goals of this project are manufacturing of innovative nanomaterials in the form of 1D In2O3 nanostructures and investigation of the optical and photocatalytic properties, to find out what is the application potential of this material. Therefore, the aim of this project will be to produce highly innovative one-dimensional nanostructures in the form of nanofibers or nanowires of In2O3 and to study their morphology, structure, optical and photocatalytical properties. 1D In2O3 is an extremely important nanomaterial and the method of its manufacturing significantly affects its properties. Therefore, simple, economical and universal methods of producing this material should be sought in order to ensure the best quality of nanostructures. These forms of In2O3 will be synthesized by various methods, including the chemical vapor deposition route, the hydro- and solvothermal method, the thermal evaporation oxidation method, and the sol–gel method. Project will be realized in cooperation with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Silesian University of Technology, Poland.

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