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Department of Environmental Technology

The department deals with developing, applying, and testing (nano)materials and methods to ensure sustainability and environmental quality.


Department information


 Research is primarily focused on the following areas:

• Advanced water purification technologies
• Membrane bioreactors
• Development, testing, and application of new types of biomass carriers
• Effective remediation of contaminated groundwater using iron nano- and microparticles
• Application of nanomaterials in various areas of biotechnology
• Development and testing of filters based on nanofibers (water and air filtration)



• Project and contract research in cooperation with industrial and commercial entities
• Custom research and development
• Evaluation and intensification of existing water treatment processes
• Independent expert and consulting activity


The Department of Environmental Technology (DET) is focused on the development, application, and testing of new (nano) materials and methods in various environmental technologies in order to achieve their significant improvement.

The department deals with national and international projects, in the framework of which outputs are created, which are applicable precisely for technologies that allow to stabilize, improve and control the quality of the environment. In the form of contracts, DET can solve the individual requirements of industrial and commercial entities in various environmental areas. We have modern devices that allow us to test and analyze multiple components of the environment.
Our main goal is to improve the environment and its preservation for future generations, which is why we make our services and results available to professionals and the general public.

Ing. Mgr. Lukáš Dvořák, Ph.D.

Department head

Ing. Mgr. Lukáš Dvořák, Ph.D.

Membrane bioreactors; water technology; application of nanomaterials

E lukas.dvorak@tul.cz

Ing. Jakub Hrůza, Ph.D.

Member of department

Ing. Jakub Hrůza, Ph.D.

Filtration and separation

Testing of gas and liquid filtration

Polymer products recyclation

E jakub.hruza@tul.cz

Ing. Tomáš Lederer, Ph.D.

Member of department

Ing. Tomáš Lederer, Ph.D.

Preparation and management of projects in the area of water technology, remediation and biodegradability

E tomas.lederer@tul.cz


Department of environmental technology

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